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White House Bans the Nativity Scene?

The latest round of ridiculousness from the irrational right is still rearing it’s teabagged face. The claim has been made that Obama refuses to have the nativity scene or any religious iconography on the White House lawn/Christmas Tree. Typically, this disinformation was distributed through email. Email seems to be irrefutable fact for the teabaggers, even though they are always debunked.
Well, this one has been debunked. Check it out on Snopes if you want to get hit with a bunch of pop-up windows: Snopes. Better yet, check it out on FactCheck.

It doesn't count...He's one of those heathen Catholics

It doesn't count...He's one of those heathen Catholics

Does that matter? Not really. Just this morning Wiley Drake was discussing the issue with the editor of (a quasi-religious website intent on allowing freedom of speech only for those with acceptable things to say).

What Drake refuses to acknowledge is that there is no precedent for putting non-secular ornaments on the White House Christmas Tree. George W. Bush, easily the most fundamentalist/evangelical President we’ve had in our lifetimes, never fully decked the tree with religious ornaments. In fact, the last time he had anything religiously themed on the tree was 2002, when the ornaments were of places of worship.

So…despite the fact that there is no requirement to have Christian-based ornaments and despite the fact that this odd email has been debunked, that Wiley Drake is still holding it against Obama. Go figure.

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