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Shiner is Number 4!

According to SloshSpot, the little brewery that could, Spoetzl Brewery is the number 4 Craft Brewer in the U.S. That means that the maker of Texas’ best kept secret, Shiner Bock, has got a lot of fans.

K. Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, Texas

K. Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, Texas

Here’s the SloshSpot article:

The top 4 are:

  1. Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams)
  2. Sierra Nevada Brewing (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale)
  3. New Belgium Brewing (Fat Tire)
  4. Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner Bock)

Spoetzl Brewery, “the little brewery that could,” is having it’s 100 year anniversary. The brewery was named after the the German Brewer, Kosmos Spoetzl, who purchased the brewery in 1915.

Now, if you want a real Shiner, you’ve got two choices. Head out to Shiner, Texas and take the tour. It’s not a dry county, so you’ll get the miracle of fresh Shiner at the end of tour.  Your second choice is to try it where I first experienced Shiner Bock: Valhalla. That’s right, the graduate pub at Rice University, called Valhalla. When I attended (1991-93), beer was 35 cents for an 8 oz cup, and $2 a pitcher. Everybody would hang out on the grass on Friday nights and drink Shiner Bock. At the time, Valhalla was the largest consumer of Shiner Bock.

Since producing Shiner Bock year round, their sales have increased. I can find it in Ralph’s and Hi-Times for about $8 a 6-pack. Expensive but worth it. My only question is when we are getting access to kegs in California? The day they offer them, I’ll host a party. Somebody notify Wooderson and we’ll meet at the water tower.

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